Jacob Covington

Web developer and designer specializing in unique, interactive, hand-crafted and accessible online experiences.

Recent projects:

With nearly a decade of experience building web sites, Jacob specializes in creating immersive online experiences in JavaScript, (X)HTML, CSS, PHP, Node.js, MySQL and noSQL (mongoDB and CouchDB).

While living in Chicago, he co-founded one of the city's foremost local music podcasts, Chicago Acoustic Underground, and built the original content management system for the podcast using PHP and MySQL. After migrated west to the San Francisco Bay Area, he got a day gig building web sites and began rapidly evolving his web development and interaction design skills. He's currently an Web User Experince Manager for McKesson, a national pharmaceutical distributor and one of the worlds largest healthcare IT providers.

Formally trained as a jazz saxophonist, Jacob is always searching the horizons of technology and art for the freshest ideas and techniques. He's currently facinated by some of the fantastic new layout pugins for jQuery, like Masonry, Quicksand and Isotope, and with new technologies like Node.js and MongoDB. He's still looking for a way to make Twitter useful, and hosts his experimental lab online at 13Quarters.com